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Shaky Feelin' 2016

Oct. 21st

Deer Lodge

Ojai, CA


Nov. 5th

PUBlic House

Temecula, CA


Nov. 6th

Malibu Wines

Malibu, CA


Nov. 12th

Tecopa Takeover

Tecopa, CA

Jan. 14th 

"Delta Gets Together"

Garden Grove, CA


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Shaky Feelin' - Camarillo Festival

Emerging from Ventura County’s fertile music scene, this powerhouse of a quintet is most noticeable for their eye-catching groove-based double drum sound and shredding guitar solos. Shaky Feelin’ is a Southern California jam band mixing the elements of high-energy rock, reggae, bluegrass and funk to create the most memorable live show you’ve yet to see! They draw inspiration from bands like Phish, the Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, the Disco Biscuits, Tea Leaf Green and The Beatles. The group consists of Mark Masson (guitar & vocals), Jeff Hiller (bass guitar), Paul Menchaca (drums & vocals), Cameron Probe (drums & percussion) and Franklin Murphy (keys). The creativity of the band allows for amazing song writing with a “let’s never play it the same way twice” attitude. Being in the moment allows everyone in Shaky Feelin’ to create their own unique role. With no fear of improvisational experimentation on stage, true communication and strong musicianship this band has the ability to create a lasting impression. Shaky Feelin’ shows lend a positive high-energy journey which quickly gets their fans into the groove! You’ll be sure to leave their shows with that… Shaky Feelin’!

“If your band kills it live and your following is loyal, it’s a complete no brainer that you have to record your next CD live.” says Pam Baumgardner of Shaky Feelin’s most recent album was recorded in April 2013 live at Green Art People in Ventura, CA, and the band nailed it! Together, the band creates this amazing upbeat groove that brings everybody to their feet, dancing together to an addictive, unstoppable and unforgettable evening of music. “While double drumming is not a new idea, it’s always a treat when you get to witness it first hand. Two drum kits with Cameron Probe and Paul Menchaca working off each other, complimenting each other and sometimes working in unison to create a fuller sound. Love it! Add to that a strong bass line from Jeff Hiller, and impeccable keyboards from Franklin Murphy for that extra fuller layer of rhythm, creating a perfect balance for Mark Masson on lead guitar. The thing about Mark Masson is that he really knows how to play his guitar. He creates these loops live on the spot, and plays upon those layers. ” says Baumgardner.

Shaky Feelin’ is spreading their addictive live show experience and has landed gigs at The Mint, Saint Rocke, the Troubadour, the Great American Music Hall and the Canyon Club, Sheideck Music Festival, Apple Jam Fest and many more! They have shared the same stage with artists and bands like Robert Randolph, Melvin Seals, The Motet, Particle and more.

Shaky Feelin’ creates a highlighted musical experience, playing off the energy of each other on stage and off their fans getting shaky on the dance floor below them. Flowing through genres and alternating vocal and instrumental melodies keep their fans interested and yearning for more, knowing they’ll hear something new yet familiar that commands to be seen, heard and felt over and over again!"

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